O.K., we’re not restaurant critics but we had to put something out to the masses because this place is great and we’re looking forward to seeing it do well.   For all of us who spend time fishing the Upper Niagara, especially around Beaver Island, there aren’t too many quality restaurants you can take your boat to and grab a quality meal.  Well, not anymore!  The Boardwalk Bar and Grill located at the casino at Beaver Island is a new sanctuary to recharge, heal wounds, and tell stories after long days on the water. 

The menu is top notch with a great selection.  I always go with a burger when I check out a new restaurant and I had the “surf and turf” burger.  Wow!  Shrimp and meat combined under a bun.  It was excellent, as were the fresh cut fries. This paired well with the hoppy beverages I consumed.  My wife went with the grilled peach and goat cheese flatbread and my daughter had the pizza rolls.  As dad, I claim the right to sample everything on the table and it was fantastic.

Perhaps more important than the food menu selection to us anglers is what’s available on tap behind the bar.  This place will definitely impress there too.  I didn’t count all the beers on tap but there were many – ALL HIGH QUALITY MICROBREWS!

Next time you’re out fishing the upper Niagara, pull in to the Beaver Island Marina and park your boat in a temporary slot.  The marina charges $9 for a docking fee but save your receipt, the restaurant will compensate you for the fee.  The restaurant is located in the old casino building up the hill to the right.  Hopefully we’ll see you there.  Enjoy!

Here’s the link for more info.  Boardwalk Bar and Grill