Fishing Report: Sustained Spring Pattern

Put simply – the spring pattern persists – and we’re stoked about that! The Niagara River and Lake Erie smallmouth bass fishing is incredible now and it’s only going to get better. This spring has been very mild and decently wet. Although it’s horrible to see the effects all this water has been having on some of the people that live along the Lake Ontario shoreline, the fish will benefit tremendously. Cool temps and high water will hopefully keep them in this big water spring pattern for a long time. The “typical” spring patterns have been at least 2 weeks behind schedule due to these factors…and we’re not going to complain. I’m still wondering what “typical” really means these days – I guess what it really means to all us anglers is we have to get out there regularly and remain flexible.

RIck with an Ear to Ear

Intensity Pays Off

We’ve seen only a handful of smallies on beds in the lake and none in the river. All the fish we’ve caught were along staging lanes where the bottom is sandy and loaded with rocks. Depths vary widely, between 5-25ft. The offering has been pretty consistent – anything that represents a small baitfish has been the most productive. However, speed of presentation and the fish’s willingness to eat varies throughout the day. All I can say here is once you find them, start slow and speed it up until you dial in the right approach.

Always Admiring These Beauties

Perfect Specimen

This rain and mild temperatures have also been awesome for our inland trout fisheries. This time last year, it was “uncharacteristically” hot and dry. That’s definitely not the case this year. Water is up and cold and trout are feeding off the surface. We haven’t been out there too much but many of our friends have. The few times we got out, there were plenty of bugs around. From sulphers to march browns to caddis – the evening rise is getting increasingly better. Once we get a stretch of consistently warm days, it will explode!


Business Report: Brookdog Fishing Company’s Latest and Greatest Adventures

In case you missed it, we published our latest video featuring Schultz Outfitters. Click here to check that out if you haven’t already.

A couple weeks ago, we travelled to the foothills of the Colorado Rockies to film an episode on some of the areas famous trout water. The imagery is incredible. The guides we featured, Jack Wickman and Cameren Shinabery, are buddies from Sweetwater Guide School. Both are finishing their first year guiding. Click on their names to check out their social media profiles and their programs.

Jack with a Cheesman Canyon Beauty

Thanks to Cameren For Putting Me on this Brownie

That Colorado episode should hit the web by 9-June so subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive the notification. Our next shoot will feature Ben Rogers of Chasing Tails Fly Fishing down in Southeastern PA. Smallies, musky, and trout on the fly – good times! Stay tuned! Following that shoot we will feature the following Guides/Outfitters:

Brookdog Fishing Co (yeah, us again) – WNY – Smallmouth Bass, Trout, Carp
Midwest Waters – Illinois – Smallmouth Bass
Blane Chocklett – Virginia – Smallmouth Bass and Musky
Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures – Arizona – Trout
Chris Willen – Wisconsin – Musky
85th Day Angling – Maryland – trout

…and 2 special/passion projects that will be truly incredible.

Drop us a line if you want to connect instead of reading about it.