The State of Being Well-Fished

I’m well-fished. This time of year is insane for guides in Buffalo Niagara and I imagine it’s the same for our peers across the northeast and the Great Lakes region. Memorial Day weekend is often the first good stretch of time off work people get when there is great weather for outdoor activities.

Considering how frigid our spring was here in Buffalo Niagara – there was/is a lot of pent up energy and desire to absorb some sun. Crowds are everywhere one can take a walk and enjoy a bite to eat on a patio. Thankfully, many of these same people want to fish. We have been there to accommodate them.

What Do I mean by Being Well-Fished

A person becomes well-fished if he or she is experiencing exhaustion caused by extensive time on the water. You can spot a well-fished individual easily. People who are well-fished often have to ask others what day it is. Burnt, re-burnt, now brown, and cracked hands are another telltale sign. In Buffalo Niagara, torn up thumbs caused by lipping bass are another symptom of a well-fished individual. Their faces look like the reverse of a raccoon – white around the eyes and dark everywhere else – caused by sunburn while wearing glasses. Well-fished people may sway while standing in line – trying to maintain balance on a boat they are no longer standing on. Finally – a well-fished individual may turn down an offer to go fishing (yes, that’s possible).

It’s Not a Complaint – Just an Observation

I exhibit all of the above symptoms. I’m not complaining at all – just relating a phenomena that’s relatable to many or maybe interesting to others. I’ve fished all but maybe one or two days since the end of April and every outing has been highly productive. It’s gangbusters on the waters of eastern Lake Erie right now and I’m absorbing all of it as if Mother Nature could take it all away in a quick snow storm. It’s probably time to level out a bit and start acting like it’s summer. I guess I need to accept that the fishing and weather will continue to be great for months and pace myself accordingly. We’ll see if I can pull that off. Honestly – I’m too tired to write too much more and I have to get back out on the water for an evening bite.

Observations from that Water – 20180520 – 20180526

Every one of our clients left the boat launch well-fished from their outings this past week. We brought many big fish to the net, experimented with some new techniques, and genuinely had a blast. I’ll let the pictures tell it.

Plan for Next Week – 20180527 – 20180602

More of the same. I may take one day off…doubtful.  Slots are near full for the month of June – give us a call if you want to get on the water and click here to see what it’s all about!